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Do you want to start a cannabis club but don't have the necessary expertise?

Then you are exactly at the right place with us.

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Luxora Solutions offers cannabis clubs state-of-the-art cultivation solutions in compliance with the new cannabis laws in Germany. Contact us now for tailored advice.

Welcome to
Luxora Solutions

We are your full-service partner in the Grow sector and offer rental models for complete production infrastructures.

Our concept promises success, safety and cannabis, better than in any pharmacy.

The impending legalization of cannabis in Germany opens up immense possibilities.
We, Luxora Solutions GmbH, are at your side as your competent partner for high-quality cannabis products. We ensure satisfied members and authorities - without any crop failures.

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Why Luxora?

Over 100 years of collective industry expertise represent the guarantee for the highest quality. Together we offer profound knowledge and a deep understanding of the currently most sought-after genetics. It is our passion to combine tradition with innovation.

Regulatory security - We offer a wide range of expertise in compliance and legislation and have our own team of industry-specific lawyers.

With our services, the equipment provided and renowned production leaders from the USA & Canada, you no longer have to worry about cannabis production. In our environment, every grow is a success. Focus entirely on the growth of your club. We take care of the rest.

We offer complete solutions from comprehensive production infrastructures and consulting services.



The world of cannabis is as diverse as nature itself.

Premium cannabis products
with exclusive genetics

The world of cannabis is as diverse as nature itself. In our pursuit of perfection, we have, among other things, specializes in developing our own, exclusive cannabis genetics. Each variety is the result of careful research, breeding and passion, ultimately producing a range of products that are unsurpassed in quality and purity.

Cali Bud Cannabis Blüte USA

Our cultivation practices meet and exceed the highest quality standards. With state-of-the-art technology, ongoing quality control, and a team of dedicated experts, we ensure that each harvest reaches its peak in flavor, aroma, and effect.

Luxora production unit of cannabis flowers


production unit

Cannabis Produktionshalle

Rental modell for

production infrastructure

  • Capacity per unit:Up to 25 kilograms of cannabis flowers per harvest

  • Cost per unit: 25,000 euros per month plus electricity costs, cuttings, consumables and maintenance costs

  • Scalability: Additional production units can be rented if needed

  • Quality assurance: Strict adherence to all quality standards and legal requirements

Consulting services

  • Process management: optimization of production processes

  • Regulatory compliance: Support in meeting legal requirements

  • Market analysis: consulting for effective positioning

Consulting for the successful establishment and management of a cultivation club

At the time of establishment: Support with applications, statutes, and compliance with legal regulations and requirements

In ongoing operations: club software,

staff training, management consulting

The team

The Luxora team is comprised of leading experts in the global cannabis industry, who have extensive connections in politics as well as relevant industry associations.

Justin Cassels

Justin Cassels

Chief Production Officer

CRO (Urban Farms Oregon)

VP (Calicann Columbia)

Founder (Rooted ConsultingCanada)

Atiyyah Ferouz

Atiyyah Ferouz

GMP-Consultant &

Expert for Tissue Culture

CEO & Lead Consultant

(AgCann Consultancy Ltd.)

Former Lecturer (Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences Toronto)

Jan Schwager

Jan Schwager

Chief Executive Officer

Founder (SuisseCan AG)

Stefan Roehrl

Stefan Röhrl

Chief Strategy Officer

CEO (Hemp Group Int. GmbH)

President (Gushi Culture Ibiza)

Consultant CSCs (Spain)

Philip Ferrer

Philip Ferrer

Chief Compliance Officer

CEO (Weedo Lifestyle & Media GmbH)

CEO (Hemp Group Int. GmbH)

Board Member (German Cannabis Industry Association)


Winkelweg 3, 8853 Lachen, Switzerland  |  Tel: +41 (0) 44 2440034

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Vielen Dank!

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